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Will the Gallagher Bros Patch Things Up for their Mum?

The Gallagher brothers are certainly no strangers to family debacle.

Putting Oasis’ accomplishments aside, Liam and Noel Gallagher are notoriously known for maintaining rock ’n’ roll’s most infamous sibling rivalry. Though their bitter strife has no signs of coming to a halt, the woman who put them on this earth would like to see a happy ending.

In a new documentary about the band, their mum Peggy opens up about her combating sons, saying,

“I’ve spent my life worrying about them. I think there was that bit of ­jealously with Liam and Noel. Noel was beautiful as a baby and then Liam comes along – it takes the limelight off you. You could tell disagreement was there with them. I was glad they were in a band together. I would not have wanted Liam in a band without Noel. But it all happened too quick.”

The duo have shared quite the strained relationship since the group’s 2009 split, with Noel taking several public hits, like Liam continuously referring to him as a starchy vegetable.

Guess mama Gallagher laid on the heavy guilt, because now Liam Gallagher isn’t neglecting the notion of patching things up with his older sibling and former bandmate for her sake.

Liam told The Sunday Times,

“Obviously (our mum would) like us to be chatting, sit around the table at Christmas. But it’s a stupid standoff, and we should know better, as we have kids. It would be nice for me and (Noel) to get back together as brothers. But it’s good, the standoff. I’m enjoying it. I ain’t backing down. He ain’t backing down.”

“I have held the olive branch out, and there has been nothing, so there you go. Potato it is, mate.”

Right. Potato it is.

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