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Willie Nelson duets with his son Micah on new Particle Kid single ‘Die When I’m High (Halfway to Heaven)’

Particle Kid (aka Micah Nelson) has teamed up with his father Willie Nelson on a new single, “Die When I’m High (Halfway To Heaven).”

“Die When I’m High (Halfway To Heaven)” is Particle Kid’s tender tribute to his father. Alongside the track, the pair have shared an accompanying video, packed with animated portraits of Willie Nelson and time-lapse clips of nature.

“Sometime back in December 2020, in between endless rounds of chess and dominos, my dad looked up at me and said, ‘If I die when I’m high I’ll be halfway to heaven,'” Micah explains.”It took me a second to process, but I said, ‘Dad, that’s the best song title I ever heard. You better write the rest of it quick.’ He said. ‘Why don’t you write it?’ So I did. That night I wrote it for him, about him. It’s really just a love letter to him. A tribute.”

Watch the video for “Die When I’m High (Halfway To Heaven)” below.


More on “Die When I’m High (Halfway To Heaven)”:

“At the same time I realized it’s also a sort of ‘fuck you’ to anyone who ever thought of me as some lost prodigal son who doesn’t understand him or respect his legacy just because I’ve never imitated his style or pandered to his audience,” Particle Kid adds. “HE is the one who gave me my Particle Kid moniker after all. We are both freaks, in our time. I’m no prodigal son. I am HIS Particle Kid. I would never try to be him, or even pretend, because nobody will ever be him. But believe it or not I do relate to the Willie fans because I am one of them. They know how incredible and one of a kind he is. So this song is for the real Willie fans too.

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