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Winderbourne Mansion Is As Haunting As It Is Beautiful

Welcome To Winderbourne Mansion

A Victorian-era mansion built in 1884, Winderbourne Mansion is an abandoned wonder in Boyds, Maryland.

Little Seneca Lake is located not too far from Washington, D.C. Travel a bit off the main path from the lake, and you may come across a vacant, potentially haunted house. It’s been vacant for years. Its current state is a strong indicator of abandon. Windows are boarded up, the stairs collapsed long ago, and the inside is a big old mess that’s been caught on drone footage in recent years.

If you’re into creepy haunted houses, go check out this video. Complete with old, rusty cars in the yard, and a tour of the house, it’s sure to give you the heebie-jeebies!

Winderbourne Mansion History

Winderbourne Mansion was built in 1884 by a Enoch and Mary Totten. Enoch was a Civil War veteran and lawyer. Mary was an heiress of Elias Howe, who created the Howe sewing machine.

Winderbourne was originally glorious. Painted pink with dark rose trimming, the grounds were breathtaking and maintained by year-round staff. Now, the grounds are overgrown, and the house is in a state of decay.

This is part of the reason why locals believe the house to be haunted!

winderbourne mansionHuge tragedy is the source of the haunting rumours of Winderbourne Mansion. There were three children of Mary and Enoch Totten. They each contracted Typhoid fever, most likely from drinking contaminated water. One of them passed away from the illness.

Another of the children, Edith Totten, recovered from her illness and became a doctor. However, when one of her children was sliding down a banister in the house, she fell off and died of her injuries. Shortly after, Edith passed away as well.

Since then, the house has changed ownership many times, and more people have died there.

Winderbourne Mansion is currently abandoned with no plans for restoration.

Know Before You Go

winderbourne mansion
Image: @rob_himself_313 on Instagram

The mansion and its grounds are a photographer’s dream come true. With nine acres to explore, there are broken-down muscle cars in the backyard, and the beauty of a garden and yard left to nature.

There’s also a gorgeous view of the water, as the mansion is located very close to Black Hills regional park.

If you do visit the property, you’ll notice lots of ‘no trespassing’ signs indicating that the house is private property. The owners clearly want it left alone. However, they’re not there to keep people out either. Maybe they leave that task up to the ghosts.

Some Say Winderbourne Is Still Occupied To This Day…

winderbourne mansion
Image: @chaddolby on Instagram

At first glance, you’ll see an abandoned house. However, when you look closer, you can see ghosts. Just kidding. But seriously…

The house is abandoned with everything left inside of it. Because of this, rumour-mongers believe that whoever left had every intention to come back. All the furniture and appliances are still inside. There are a few YouTube videos of the house, and for all purposes it seems to just be a shabby, abandoned home.

The locals, however, swear that the place is haunted. There are a lot of stories and urban myths that can originate from all those deaths. Especially the deaths of children. They’re hard to find, which only adds to the mystery of this strange, creepy, abandoned house.

Purchase Winderbourne

winderbourne mansion
Image: @catcamcull on Instagram

Fancy yourself a real fixer-upper? The house was for sale in 2016, and is rumoured to still be on the market. There doesn’t seem to be much interest in it, however. The price has dropped significantly over the years.

Are you into haunted houses? It would seem this is a perfect investment if you’re looking to get your money’s worth of scary, haunted real estate!

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