Wine Will Be Sold In Ontario Grocery Stores Later This Year

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It’s official, you will soon be able to purchase wine in select Ontario grocery stores.

Near the end of 2015, certain Ontario grocery stores were given the go to sell beer. Now, the Toronto Star reports that the LCBO’s monopoly on wine is slowly but surely coming undone.

According to the Star, 70 grocery stores across Ontario will carry wine sometime this fall. The stores will have to bid for wine distribution licenses. Out of the 70 licenses up for auction, 35 of them will be restricted to selling Ontario wine only. After three years with a license, all stores will be able to stock local and international wines.

Ontario’s goal is to have 150 new grocery outlets for wine by 2019. The government does not plan on having a certain limit on the number of stores that can sell wine, unlike the the sale of beer in grocery stores which is limited to 450 licenses.

(Photo courtesy of The Star.)