Wintersleep Celebrate Ageing in ‘Spirit’ Video

Watch Retirees have a dance-off

There’s no point in beating around the bush, at some point in your life you will face your own morality. In the latest music video from Wintersleep’s 2016 record The Great Detachment, the band explores the notion of running away from that reality

Captured in an isolated town, an anxious man preoccupied with ageing finds himself surrounded by a town of senior citizens who picture his inevitable future. Fleeing the area, he ends up in a bingo hall surrounded by more old folks. It’s there that he has a grand vision suggesting that getting older might not necessarily mean the end of fun; though make of the ending as you will.

Frontman Paul Murphy says the song is about “trying to make it through in a world bent on its own disaster,”he told Noisey. “Trying to be a good person in whatever world that surrounds us. It’s a worry, the chorus ‘are you gonna be alright?’ but I’m an optimistic person so I kind of see it in a positive light.. as a challenge.”

Director Michael Leblanc said he “wanted to show a portrait of someone dealing with isolation. The main character’s world reflects a mirror of his internal life. It’s about escapism and finding freedom during a breakdown.”

Watch for yourself below: