Witchrot decide not to break up after all, reveal drummer didn’t actually die

'Say I died, no one will give a shit'

Last month, Toronto metal band Witchrot posted the greatest band break-up note of all time, but now they’ve decided not to break up after all.

In the original Facebook post, Witchrot frontman Peter Turik revealed that, due to “the unfortunate reality of our guitarist fucking my girlfriend of almost 7 years,” the band would be going their separate ways. At the end of the post he even added, “also our drummer died…”

Now, the attention from the original post has revitalized Turik, and he told Alternative Press in a statement that the band is back together and plans to use the press coverage to their full potential. Also, their drummer never died (shout out to Spinal Tap!). It turned out that he had to quit because of his commitments to other bands like Crazy Bones and Gloin. “Say I died,” the drummer told Turik. “No one will give a shit.”

Although, when speaking of the band reuniting, Turik didn’t hesitate to add that “I’ve decided to switch guitar, that way the guitar will finally sound the way it’s supposed to.”

Witchrot’s self-titled EP is up on Bandcamp, and you can catch them playing at Lee’s Palace on December 28th.