Woman gets banned from Toronto puppy yoga for having a ‘bad vibe’

“We ban people based off vibes..you had a bad vibe, you got banned.”

Puppies plus yoga: sounds like a dream, right?

Well, not for everyone. According to The Toronto Star, local Torontonian Krystie-Anne Haufler got banned from a Toronto puppy yoga class for having a “bad vibe.”

Haufler wanted to get in on the yoga with animals Instagrammable trend, so she bought two tickets in December for a class around Yonge and Sheppard for her mother’s birthday. The event was being put on by the Hive, an Ottawa-based company that runs puppy yoga in a variety of locations across both Toronto and Ottawa.

When the pair arrived, Haufler says that they were told if they needed to use mats they had to book them through an app. While they attempted to book a set of mats, the room filled up, and by the time they got in, there wasn’t any comfortable space left for them. Naturally, she asked for a refund for her $90 tickets, which they gave her on the spot.

Just ten minutes later, Haufler was emailed with a notice that revealed that she was banned from all future events put on by the Hive. “I was like, are you kidding me?” Haufler explained to The Star. She then reached out to the company via Instagram messaging, and was told that, “We ban people based off vibes..you had a bad vibe, you got banned.” Then, she was blocked from seeing the Hive’s Instagram posts entirely.

Haufler isn’t the only person who’s experienced this bad vibe ban. According to the Star, there were two complaints with the Better Business Bureau that cited customer bans as well.

“Yoga is supposed to be about Zen,” Haufler explained. “And you go there and you’re treated like you’re not worthy.”