Woman Loses $100 Tim’s Card After Posting Photo of Winning Cup Online

Roll-Up-The-Rim to lose?

Margaret Coward of Conception Bay South, N.L. did not realize that her $100 Tim Horton’s Roll-Up-The-Rim win could be claimed online. It turns out, after posting a photo of her win on Facebook, someone spotted the PIN number and claimed the $100 Tim’s card before her.

Coward is not sure which of her 900 Facebook friends would steal her prize, according to The Star. Within 30 minutes of posting the photo, someone had already claimed the $100 card after she learned she could redeem it online.

Pro tip: Be sure to read the rules & regs when you win any kind of contest! The Roll Up The Rim rules and regulations can be found here. If you win a food or beverage prize, simply bring the rim to your local Timmy’s to claim your prize. If you’re tearing off the rim, be sure not to cut off any of the text or it becomes invalid. If you’re lucky enough to win one of the bigger prizes, follow the steps carefully to claim online or via snail mail.

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(Photo by Jon Lin Photography via Flickr)