Toronto Woman Jumps on Police Cruiser and Smashes In Windows

"She was on a suicide mission"

A woman has been taken into custody by Toronto Police after a violent standoff where she got on the hood of a cruiser and began smashing in its windows.

Local witnesses posted on Reddit that they overheard the woman trying to taunt the police into hurting or harming her, yelling “shoot me” as she bashed her foot into the car’s roof, windows, and lights. “She was on a suicide mission, i even heard her say ‘shoot me'” said sup3r_saiyan.

A video shows the woman climbing on the roof of a cruiser trying to get the officers inside to get out.

Another angle shows a second cruiser showing up, where the woman turned her attention to, getting on top and eventually smashing the rear window with her foot.

Witnesses say police managed to peacefully de-escalate the situation and take the woman into custody. No word from Police yet on the details of this crime.