Women-Only Ride-Sharing App DriveHer Launches in Toronto on Friday

Safety and empowerment of women

The next ride-sharing service to hit Toronto streets will be unique in that it’s only for women. With safety and empowerment of women central to its ethos, DriveHer will launch in Toronto on Friday, March 16. All drivers and passengers will be women.

Over 100 women drivers are set to hit the road on launch day, offering an alternative to the likes of Uber and Lyft for women seeking a ride. DriveHer founder Aisha Addo spent two years getting the service to Toronto streets.

“Finally… It was exhausting,” Addo told Metro News. “There were many times I felt like giving up and let go, but someone would then call or message me asking about the service and when we’re launching. That really kept me going. It was quite a journey.”

Toronto and the GTA will serve as the first Canadian city to offer the service, although plans call for expansion into other parts of the country.

Addo says all drivers are subject to a thorough background check. The app will be available for download on Friday.