Woodstock 50 ticket sales have been postponed, creating fears about potential cancellation

The festival has not yet acquired a mass gathering permit

Woodstock’s anniversary festival, Woodstock 50, already lost The Black Keys as a headliner, and now ticket sales for the event have been postponed.

The festival’s tickets were initially set to go on sale today to coincide with Earth Day, but according to Billboard, the date has been postponed for yet-to-be-disclosed reasons. Booking agents were reportedly informed of the ticket sale delay on Friday.

“There is currently a hold on the Woodstock 50 on-sale date,” Woodstock Talent Manager Amanda Phelan penned in an e-mail. “We are waiting on an official press statement from Woodstock 50 regarding updated announce, ticket pricing, and overall festival information. We will get this information to you as soon as we receive it.”

According to Pitchfork, festival organizers have not yet secured a mass gathering permit from Watkins Glen, which is where the event is set to take place. Until said permit is acquired, tickets cannot be sold.
Photo courtesy of Ric Manning.