Working With Kanye Reminds Paul McCartney of John Lennon

A maybe not-so-unlikely pair, Paul McCartney and Kanye West have formed a bond through their music

The legendary Paul McCartney recently dropped some high praise: stating that working with Kanye West reminds him of his days writing with John Lennon.

The former Beatle and self-proclaimed genius have been in the studio together for a year now, and continue to pump out hit collaborations. “Four Five Seconds” with Rihanna and the recently released “All Day” (on which McCartney whistles a sweet tune), follow the success of Kanye’s “Only One.” Watch below:

Kanye wrote the song about his mother after McCartney spoke to him about his inspiration for writing “Let It Be” all those years ago: his recently passed mother spoke to him in a sixties-appropriate drug-induced dream, so he wrote a song about her.

No word yet about more Kanye/Paul collaborations on Yeezy’s new album, which is set to come out sometime this year.