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World Video Premiere: “Fooled You Twice” by Thomas D’Arcy

Thomas D’Arcy is one of Toronto’s most ‘underappreciated’ artists. The guy can really write a pop tune, and it’s ever so clear with the release of his latest single “Fooled You Twice”.

Mix in one part groove and equal parts pop sounds, Thomas D’Arcy’s impressive songwriting abilities is paralleled only by his production skills. Perhaps that’s why he gets so much praise in this music video. With 100 hands pulling, slapping, touching and stroking him, it seems like there’s not enough of him to go around. The simple yet effective music video, directed by Frank Guidoccio, is a perfect match for this track, which is the second single from his eponymous album.

Remember the movie ‘Labrynth’? With David Bowie? Well this video isn’t anything like that. Or, well, sort of. I’m trapped in a sea of hands that at one moment are lovingly stroking me, but pulling at me and hitting me the next. There were 12 girls on set who all seemed to be afraid to hurt me. For the most part they didn’t, although there was one nipple tweak that I could have done without.” – Thomas D’Arcy

See for yourself and check out the video above.

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