Worldly Hangover Helpers

6 hangover cures from around the globe

Here we are, after a fantastic long weekend drunk off chocolate but hungover because of our good friend booze. There are plenty of myths and legends when it comes to hangover cures but let’s talk about the ones that will turn your stomach just thinking about them, even though they’re supposed to help it.

We, as Canadians, are the lucky ones. Our yummiest hangover cure is poutine. Thick cut fries, gravy and squeaky cheese curds for days! There isn’t anything that a good poutine can’t fix. In other counties, however, their food fixes for a hangover aren’t quite as delectable.


In Turkey they eat tripe soup the day after a good night of drinking. Tripe is the stomach of livestock and it’s cooked with garlic and cream. It’s apparently good at preventing a hangover too, so if you bookend it, you’ll have to eat double the cow tummy but you may feel peachy!


It may be urban legend, or maybe its truth. In ancient Rome a deep fried canary would knock that hangover off its ass. Poor Tweety bird!!


The good ol’ katerfrühstück is the German go-to for a hangover. Translated it means “hangover breakfast” which sounds great until its sitting on a plate in front of you. Raw, pickled herring wrapped around pieces of gherkin and onion. Oh no.


From pickled herring in Germany to pickled sheeps’ eyes in Mongolia. In cocktail form… tomato juice and the peepers of a sheep. Pickled. Cheers?


Possibly the worst of them all, like, I’d never drink again if this was the only thing that helped… Sicilians like a good ol’ dried bull penis to chew on when their brain is banging from booze. What’s that? You’re cancelling our drink date tonight? Oh.