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Are The World’s Most Expensive Socks Worth The Hefty Pricetag?

First of all, there are sock blogs. Then there are the most expensive socks you can find from different luxury brands.

Then, there are socks that sell for upwards of $1500 USD, which are in a league of their own. Who knew?

These are sock facts that I had absolutely no idea about. Did you?

These Expensive Socks Will Knock Your… Socks Off

Sock culture is taking over.

From celebrities to magnates and executives, designer, boujie socks are such a thing that everyone is starting to jump on the expensive sock wagon. If they can afford it, that is.

Socks have long since been both a wardrobe staple, as well as a status symbol. When fancy dudes wear fancy pants and shoes, inevitably they do that leg-cross thing that reveals their socks. Generally, if this is a truly fancy fellow, said sock will have some kind of a logo or visible brand on it indicating that it’s not your average sock.

And of course, you can’t be an average fellow if you’re wearing above-average socks, right?

The World’s Most Expensive Socks

There are two types of socks which take the cake for the world’s most expensive.


Falke is a German company that sets the highest standards of quality with their socks.

Most expensive socks
Image: Falke.com

Only the best yarns, such as mercerized merino, silk, and cashmere help to create their wide palette of incredible sock colours. And of course, their labelling supports the statement of luxury.

Falke is the first in the world to produce legwear and socks from a high-quality wool. This material has taken years to create, and is made from the wool of rare Andes animals.

They offer a limited number of socks in each edition. The socks are crafted personally for you upon request, and sell for around $1200.

Don’t worry though, they’ll be delivered in their own very special box.

Most expensive socks
Image: @chulkoff_shop on Instagram

Harrys of London

These ‘hosiery’ socks by Harrys of London are Italian made. Their charcoal grey knee-high is made from a material called Cervelt. Cervelt is known as the diamond of cutting fibre. It apparently took over eight years to develop.

As a result, this sock is known internationally as “the most exclusive sock in the world”.

The price tag on these fine beasts is an eye-popping, sock-knocking $1500.

Most expensive socks
Image: @harrysoflondon on Instagram

Charity Socks vs Socks You Can Wear

We need to create a distinction here. There are celebrity socks you can purchase, with funds usually going to charity. And then there are designer socks you can buy to wear and impress everyone at your local martini bar.

Elvis Presley had a pair of socks recently sell for over $7500 at auction. They were supposedly gold-toed socks.

I doubt very much, however, if anyone will be wearing those. They’ll likely be featured behind glass somewhere that charges a price for admission.

In Conclusion

Are these socks worth the pricetag?

If you’re talking about Elvis socks, they may be a good investment. I mean who knows how much someone will pay in 30 years for a pair of The King’s socks.

But as for the luxury brands we’ve discussed, we’ll have to leave that up to you. If you think that spending $1500 on a pair of socks is worth it, you have far harder-to-please people to impress than I.

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