WOW Air just unveiled $99 flights from Canada to Iceland and $149 flights to Europe

"WOW" is right

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WOW Air just unveiled shockingly cheap airfare prices that will allow Canadians to visit Iceland and Europe for less money than it costs to fly between Toronto and Montreal.


The first cheap flights will launch out of Montreal on May 12, 2016, and Toronto on May 20, 2016, connecting to Iceland’s scenic southwestern city of Reykjavik. Departing from Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport and Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson airport, WOW Air’s base cost to visit Iceland will be $99 one way. For Canada to Europe flights, the base cost will be $149 one way, connecting to a total of 20 popular European locations including Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen and Dublin. Departures are scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.


Starting in spring of 2016, WOW Air will undoubtedly provide the most inexpensive flights between Canada and Europe. The airline, born in 2011, is gaining their edge in the industry from their cheap flights, originally offering huge deals for European based flights, but soon expanding to east-coast North American cities, Boston and Baltimore.


According to CBC, WOW claims that their flights have experienced a 45 per cent passenger increase, when compared to last summer. “We have just had our best summer ever and, with these new routes launching in May 2016, next summer is another chance to break records. These great Canadian cities will become our newest destinations but I look forward to announcing even more in the not-too-distant future,” WOW Air’s owner, Skúli Mogensen, tells CBC.


In the wake of WOW Air’s significantly reduced costs, other Canadian airlines are beginning to hop on the bandwagon as well. “This is going to be happy happy times for consumers because in a lot of markets there will be substantial competition,” Robert Kokonis from AirTrav told CBC.


The upcoming competition between airlines will also hopefully shed light on a market where costs are significantly and unnecessarily inflated. Fingers crossed that a price war between airlines will drive the cost down even lower in the upcoming year.

Written by: Rob Hoffman

(Main photo by Moyan Brenn via Flickr)