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Yes, This Pearl Jam Tour Poster Appears to Depict Trump’s Decaying Corpse On The White House Lawn

Pearl Jam has never been known to pull any punches when it comes to their political leanings. From frontman Eddie Vedder impaling a George W. Bush mask on a microphone in 2003, to his wife Jill Vedder recently taking a fashionable shot at First Lady Melania Trump, criticism of Republican Presidents is not something Vedder and Co. have ever shied away from.

The band’s latest political statement may have landed Democratic Senator John Tester in some water. The Senator’s re-election campaign, which happens to feature Pearl Jam touring through Montana to raise money for his campaign, is drawing some headlines Wednesday amid controversy over a tour poster.

The band’s poster for their Monday night Missoula gig depicts President Donald Trump’s rotten corpse lying on the White House lawn, serving as a meal for a bald eagle. The poster was designed by Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament and artist Bobby Brown.

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