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19 Yoga Puns That May Seem Like A Stretch (But Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing)

19 Yoga Puns That May Seem Like A Stretch (But Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing)

Isn’t it great that we can laugh at yoga jokes and yoga puns now? For so long I feel like everyone took yoga so seriously and making fun of it was only for a select few on the down-low. Or maybe I’m way off and you’ve been making fun of yoga for years.

Either way, these yoga puns are like any puns really… they’ll have you groaning and rolling your eyes. You’ll think that your dad (or your grandpa) came up with them; they’re that bad. But heck if they’re not hilarious as well. You’ll see.

So with no further delay, let’s transition into a giggle-asana.

yoga puns
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  1. My wife asked if I was going to yoga with her.I said, “Namaste home today.”
  2. The other day my yoga instructor turned up to the class drunk.She put me in a really awkward position.
  3. My wife caught me performing an action scene from The Matrix, but luckily she thought I was doing yoga exercises.

    I just dodged a bullet.

  4. What happened to the yoga instructor who was arrested?She was sentenced to a long stretch.
  5. Do you know what’s the best thing about being a yoga instructor?The flexible hours.
  6. A girl asked me if I wanted to join her in yoga at 6 AM.I told her, “Namaste in bed.”
  7. yoga puns
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  8. 90% of the women that wear yoga pants don’t do yoga.

    And 100% of men don’t care.

  9. Yoga puns: My yoga teacher said that downward dog will take one to a place of spiritual revelation. That’s a big stretch.
  10. Did you hear about the yoga instructor turned serial killer?She pre-meditated her murders.
  11. I started dating my yoga instructor.

    Now we’re friends with zenefits.

    yoga puns
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  12. Yoga puns: Men need to stop staring and yelling at me when I wear yoga pants.I’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it for me, because it’s comfortable.Who cares if you can see my balls?
  13. I messaged my friend that the yoga class was canceled. She replied, “Yogatta be kidding me?”
  14.  I was looking at the most utility flexible cars being a yoga buff myself. The salesman suggested that I buy a Mercedes Bends.
  15. What did the dyslexic cow say in yoga class? Oooooom.

    yoga puns
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  16. Why does the demon go to yoga classes regularly? He loves to exorcise there.
  17. What do you call it when Jack Sparrow goes to classes? Pilates of the Caribbean.
  18. Yoga? No thank you. I’ll download an app to my phone so I don’t have to stretch for the remote.
yoga puns
Image: @magdasyoga on Instagram

18. I Got Chucked Out Of Yoga Class After Misinterpreting The Half-Moon Pose.

19. Yoga puns: The yogi returned the vacuum cleaner just because it had too many attachments.

Well, there you go! We hope you enjoyed those yoga puns and that you can take them with you and be inspired throughout your day! (LOL)

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