York Regional Police Clarify Stance on Marijuana Causing Boys to Grow Breasts

Doobies do not, in fact, make boobies

The York Regional Police Service took to Twitter to clarify its stance on an officer’s “doobies make boobies” comments to Catholic high school students. Yes, this is a story grounded in truth.

The service’s official Twitter account posting a statement about the “misinformation,” which was shared during a February 16 drug awareness panel session at the York Catholic District School Board headquarters in Aurora. According to reports, the officer told students “There are studies that marijuana lowers your testosterone.”

“We call it ‘doobies make boobies,’ we are finding that 60 per cent of 14-year-olds are developing ‘boobies’,” the officer added.

So there you have it, getting high does not cause enhanced mammary growth in men. Verified by admitted non-health experts.