You can be in Tokyo Police Club’s new video for ‘Ready To Win,’ or at least your mistakes can

As part of their #ReadyToWin video campaign

After releasing their fourth full-length album TPC and being nominated for the Junos, Tokyo Police Club have announced that they’ll be setting up a Westside gallery space where you can be part of their forthcoming fan-driven video for “Ready To Win.”

“I fucked up on Letterman, I fucked up on stage/ I fucked up on time and I fucked up too late/ But now, I am ready to win,” frontman Dave Monks sings in the track.

Just like Monks reveals stories in the track about how he has fucked up over the years, from January 31st until February 5th, head to the Black Cat Gallery at 2186 Dundas Street West where you can create your own “fuck up” label and get filmed by videographer Anne Douris.

If you can’t make it out to the gallery in person, you can submit your own label online here.

You can catch Tokyo Police Club at The Music Hall in Oshawa on April 23rd.
Lead photo courtesy of Mimi Raver.