You can get FREE munchies delivered to you today in honour of legalization

Some tasty snacks for your grumbling tummy

In honour of the end to pot prohibition, Eddy Delivery, a legal medical cannabis delivery provider, is delivering snack packs in Toronto.

Yes, the snack packs will be delivered to your front door for free if you sign up here.

Your delivery will include:

  • Funyuns: Brian’s favourite snack in Half Baked
  • 4:25 O’Henry Bar: These chocolate bars were made for the five minutes after 4:20 p.m.
  • TimTam: Australia’s favourite sweet snack
  • Cosmic Brownies: don’t be mistaken by the name, these are not weed infused, but they do come with sprinkles
  • Munchies Snack Mix: a classic snack to fill the munchies void
    Four randomly selected winners will also receive a “Lucky Green Ticket,” which will give you a free tour of a local weed factory (A.K.A. a licensed producer cultivation facility).

    Eddy is only able to deliver snacks today, but their goal is to preview their cannabis delivery service which will soon be available in the GTA.

    Photo courtesy of Eddy Delivery