You Can Hear The Next Gorillaz Album Early Using their New App

Step inside the Gorillaz House

Just when you thought we hit peak Gorillaz content, the digital band has gone above and beyond. After sharing the news of launching a Gorillaz TV channel, they’ve now created and released a mobile app in celebration of upcoming album Humanz.

The new app allows users to “step inside the hallowed halls of the Gorillaz house.” Plus you’ll be able to hear the album ahead of it’s April 28th release, as the band plans to host a “virtual house party” in the app at an undetermined time between now and the release date.

Damon Albarn recently revealed that he has somewhere between fourty and fourty-five additional songs that are more or less ready to be released in the following months of Humanz release. So get ready to see the words “New” and “Gorillaz” together a lot in the next year in a half.

Check out the trailer for their new app below: