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You Can Now Delete All The Dirt Google Has On You

There are some things about your relationship with Google that you hope never sees the light of day. You’re probably blushing just thinking about some of the questions you’ve typed into that anonymous search bar. Like that time you thought you could smell your eyes and searched “Why do my eyes smell“, “My eyes smell like garlic“, “eye deodorant“, “eye soap” and “smell sunglasses“. It happens to the best of us.

Good news! Google has released a new feature that lets you control your private history together. The tech giant has been collecting private information about you over the years from search results to location data — all of which you can now delete.

The new feature is called “My Activity” which gives users full access to their entire Google history. You can sort by a specific date or range, and from a list of products such as maps, videos, news and more.

Remember that time you searched for Maker Pizza three times because you didn’t want to make dinner? No? Oh that was me.


My Activity allows you to delete search and web history all together. Simply log in, select a date range and product, click the three grey dots and hit “Select”. You can then send your embarrassing query about “why the son is hot” (and not “the sun”) down the forever hole.

Google also allows you to prevent the app from collecting information about you in the future like your travel history (which creates a map of your visited locations over time), but warns that it will affect how the tech wizard personalizes your web searches.

Check it out yourself at myactivity.google.com and start clearing out!

Image courtesy Liji Jinaraj via Flickr

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