You can now find out your Uber passenger rating… if you dare

Are you a road companion or the passenger from hell

There’s nothing quite more satisfying than giving that jerk “customer service” agent a crappy rating. Maybe nothing will ever come of it most of the time, but there’s a gratifying feeling of letting the bureaucratic “man” know that one of their employees is a total a-hole.

For Uber drivers however, the feature that lets riders rate their drivers actually has a purpose. It’s a way for the app to essentially self-monitor itself for users to let other users which drivers are good and bad to ride with.

As Mashable points out, it’s a two-way street as it turns out. It may not be all that surprising that Uber drivers can also rate the passengers, but until now all those scores were hidden from us. If you’re up for it, you can use the Uber app now to check how past Uber drivers have rated you.

It takes a bit of work but it may be worth knowing what kind of person your drivers rides view you as: Open the app, click on the profile button in the top left. Click on “Help”, then “account” and scroll to the bottom and click “I’d like to know my rating”. Uber will make you accept their terms, but once you do an email will be sent shortly after with your score out of 5.

Otherwise, if you want to keep the mystery alive, don’t do any of that and continue being that guy who sprays on six pounds of cheap cologne before getting into a complete strangers Kia Rio.