You can now have a Personalized Snapchat Geofilter for your next Party

Take your snap game to the next level

For all you Snapchat lovers, this is big news.

Snapchat has announced the option to purchase your very own custom-made geofilter. Now you can have a unique filter for your next party or work event.

For those of you who don’t know what a geofilter is, it’s an overlay that determines “the where and when” of your Snapchats.


Before today, only companies and communities could create custom-made geofilters. Now you can do this too- at a price.

Here are some of the general guidelines for the new feature: 

  • As part of the purchase process, you will need to indicate whether you’re submitting a Personal On-Demand Geofilter or a Business On-Demand Geofilter.
  • You cannot make any changes to your order once you’ve submitted your order.
  • Draw your Geofilter thoughtfully. An On-Demand Geofilter must be between 20 thousand and 5 million square feet.
  • An On-Demand Geofilter cannot be active for more than 30 days.
  • Snapchat prices Geofilters in our discretion based on a number of factors, including how long and over how large an area you want the Geofilter to run. You can see the price adjust as you manipulate the size, location, and run time for your Geofilter in the purchase tool.

To read more guidelines about the personalized Geofilters click here.

Happy Snapping!