You can now play one of the games featured in Black Mirror’s ‘Bandersnatch’

'Nohzdyve' is a retro-style video game from the show's feature length special

Black Mirror fans can now live out part of the show in real life now that it’s possible to play one of the games featured in the recent full-length feature special, Bandersnatch.

The choose-your-own-adventure episode, which was released last week, allows viewers to choose the fate of protagonist and game developer Stefan as they are prompted with different options that dictate where the character will take his journey as the movie progresses. Fans have now noticed that there’s a site for the fictional game developers, Tuckersoft, that’s featured in the flick.

If you head to the site, you can download an emulator (a software that allows your computer system to behave like another computer system), which will allow you to play Nohzdyve, a retro game where the character plummets down a seemingly endless gap between two buildings. If you’re hoping to play the game, you can find a download for the emulator here.