You Can Now Set Morgan Freeman As The Voice of Your GPS

'Waze' is your new favorite navigation app

Morgan Freeman, commonly known as the “the voice of god” and frequent narrator of animal’s lives, can now guide you safely with directions on the navigation app, Waze.

He is one of the latest celebrities to sign up as a narrator on the app, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and rapper Snoop Dogg featured in the past.

To set up his voice on your app just follow these directions:

On iOS: Settings > Sound > Voice Language > Morgan Freeman

On Android: Settings > Sound > Navigation Guidance > Morgan Freeman


This addition to the app is not solely for the pure bliss of the users, however. The voice feature is a marketing tool to promote Freeman’s upcoming film, London Has Fallen.

Whatever the reason, we just love it. And your morning commute just got a whole lot better.