You Can Now Swim With Sharks in Downtown Toronto

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming

Toronto’s favourite aquarium is now offering an opportunity for the public to get up close and personal with their resident sharks. If you are feeling daring you can go for a dive in their Dangerous Lagoon.

The Discovery Dive at Ripley’s Aquarium allows you to book a two hour experience that includes thirty minutes of scuba diving with their sharks. The program runs every Wednesday at 3pm. You have to be sixteen years of age and a licensed scuba diver to swim with the sharks.

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If you are feeling a little less daring, you can skip the scuba diving and dip your toes in Ray Bay for a little snorkelling. The Aquarium also offers a program where you can snorkel with their friendliest Sting Rays. Both opportunities feature an extended tour and a souvenir.

You can find out more information on the Aquarium’s website.


Photo courtesy Chris Johnston via Flickr