You can now test out your tattoo before taking the plunge

These guys are changing the tattoo game

If you’re as indecisive as me, you probably have a hard enough time deciding what to eat for dinner, let alone making the life-long commitment to a design on your body. Lucky for us, a new Philadelphia-based company called Momentary Ink allows you to test drive a custom tattoo for up to three weeks.

How it works: upload an image of your desired design to their website, or book a consultation with one of their artists to create a custom piece. Momentary Ink prints the tattoo with high-quality, nontoxic ink, vivid colours, and its waterproof too. The temporary tat won’t bust your wallet either. A small, simple design goes for $15, while larger pieces will only run you 30 bucks.

A photo posted by @momentary_ink on

A photo posted by @momentary_ink on

A photo posted by @momentary_ink on


Another Toronto-based company, Inkbox, also specializes in temporary ink with plans to accommodate custom designs early next year. They’ve currently got a catalogue of designs you can choose from if you want to try out different styles and sizes.

If you’re on the fence about trying these guys out, you’d be inking for a good cause! A portion of Inkbox’s sales goes to the Darien Initiative, supporting local indigenous communities in Panama, where the ink is from.

Check out how Inkbox works below:

Would you test out your design before going under the needle? Let us know in the comments.