You Can Soon Get Half Price Food with This New Toronto App

Saving the planet and your wallets

A new Toronto startup has hatched an ingenious plan to save you money while also helping the environment.

Flashfood is an app-based startup that wants to link consumers and food producers in an effort to reduce food being placed in landfills. The app wants to stop perfectly good food from being thrown out by selling it to customers for a reduced price.

Founder Josh Domingues realized that stores are willing to look into alternative disposal methods of their food at the end of the day, it’s just logistically a nightmare. That’s where Flashfood comes in. They want to manage the logistic behind the process by connecting customers to the deals through an app.

The app will inform potential customers of what the stores have to sell for a discounted price and then customers can pick it up that same day. This gives restaurants and retailers an opportunity to make some money while allowing customers to save money. Top it all off, it prevents perfectly good food from ending up in a landfill.

Flashfood would profit through taking a small cut off every sale. According to their site the app plans to soft launch sometime in August 2016. The app will allow you to purchase the food right from your phone, scan through deals and track how much food you have diverted from landfills. The app is initially just launching in Toronto with plans to expand across Canada and hopefully, internationally.

Image Courtesy of Flashflood