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You can win this Toronto restaurant for $150

Ruthie Cummings, owner of German restaurant Das Gasthaus on the Danforth has started a contest to win her restaurant.

The raffle tickets are being sold for a small fee of $150 to 4,000 wanna-be restaurant-owners. Another way to enter the contest is by submitting a 500-word essay on how the quality of senior care can be improved in Toronto. The lucky winner will receive the fully furnished restaurant establishment including licenses and equipment, which is valued at approximately $144, 550.

Cummings’ aging parents need her close attention, which prompted her to sell the business and move out of Toronto and be closer to them.

The official contest rules outline, “there are no liens, taxes, or debts associated with the prize,” but the winner must financially qualify for the Toronto lease.

Though she’s not walking away with nothing. From the 4,000 participants submitting $150, Cummings will end up $600,000 richer.

Check out the contest video above.

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