You Can’t Unsee Damien Lewis’ Transformation Into Rob Ford, But You Must See It

Billions actor goes all the way to become late former Toronto mayor

Damien Lewis was recently announced as the actor who would portray former Toronto mayor Rob Ford in the upcoming film called Run This Town. The casting decision led a lot of observers wondering how the lean Homeland and Billions star could transform himself into a man like Ford.

The answer is a lot of makeup and prosthetics, apparently. eTalk captured images of Lewis arriving on set in Toronto, later emerging from his trailer looking like a completely different person… a reasonable facsimile of Ford.

You’re going to have to check this out for yourself.

Run This Town reportedly tells the tale of a fictional up-and-coming journalist, while Lewis’ Ford character is actually a minor role in the film. Images of Lewis as Ford certainly won’t play a minor role in generating buzz for the film, though.