You Could Be The Newest Member of M83

The band is searching for a female singer-keyboardist

M83 is looking for someone to replace Morgan Kibby.

A few months ago the bands leader Anthony Gonzalez announced in an interview with that Kibby was not a part of M83’s new album. Kibby had been collaborating and touring with the band since 2001.

Gonzalez posted a job advertisement which calls for a female singer-keyboardist. Gonzalez wrote, “Back in 2011 I opened up the search for a musician to join the M83 tour. That turned out to be Jordan Lawlor who played with us all over the world and is still in the band!”

The band’s tour dates for 2016/2017 are listed on their website.

Now it’s your chance to be a part of the band. If you meet the requirements listed and are able to travel during the tour dates you can submit a video and resume online.

Imagine travelling the world’s biggest festivals and shows. Good luck!