You’ll be able to drive in to see next month’s immersive Vincent Van Gogh exhibit in Toronto

You'll still be able to visit despite COVID-19

The new immersive Vincent van Gogh exhibit opens next month despite the spread of COVID-19. You’ll still be able to practice social distancing while visiting the exhibit, as attendees will be able to drive in to check out the most anticipated art event in Toronto this year.

The exhibition is being housed in the huge Toronto Star warehouse, so people will be able to drive their cars in over a ten-day period during the Gogh by Car initiative, which will run from June 18th to 28th.

The exhibit, which is entirely inspired by Van Gogh’s post-impressionist artwork, brings visitors into the creative, yet troubled mind of the famous artist through projections of some of his most famous work.

β€œHis paintings will be presented as how the artist first saw the scenes they are based on: active life and moving landscapes turned into sharp yet sweeping brushstrokes,” according to the exhibit.

Each time slot will allow fourteen vehicles inside the warehouse, where participants will park, turn off their engines, and take in a 35-minute long edition of the exhibit.

Tickets for the car edition are first come, first serve, and if you purchase one, you will also receive a ticket for the walk-in experience when it is able to fully open.