You’ll Do This Once Every 7 Minutes Today

Could your texting habits be fatal?

BrianBlogBrian Bailey was recently named “On-Air Talent of the Year” at the 2013 Canadian Broadcast industry awards. Brian is now a co-host on “Indie Mornings with Brian, Matt and Candice.”

How many times have you checked your phone today? New stats show that on average we swipe our screens to check our phones once every 7 minutes – It works out to about 110 times per day. Extreme users check their phones up to 900 times a day! How do you have time for anything else??

Smartphone usage has become such an epidemic that transit riders in San Francisco didn’t even notice and man waving a gun around on the train because they were too engrossed in their screens.


Think about how many times you’ve walked into someone or almost taken a dive into the street because you’ve been looking down at your phone!

I’ve decided to turn off all notifications so I won’t be distracted by constant tones and vibrations – if it’s something important and you really need to get a hold of me you’d better CALL because I’m too busy living my life to be staring at my phone.