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Young punk rockers The Linda Lindas drop rowdy new single ‘Oh!’

Internet famous punk sensations The Linda Lindas have dropped a rowdy new single called “Oh!”

The Linda Lindas are a punk band made up of four young girls, Lucia (14), Eloise (13), Mila (10), and Bela (16). The quartet went viral on Twitter a little while back for their LA Public Library performance of “Racist, Sexist Boy.” Now, they’re back with their first new music since they exploded onto the scene.

The new track marks the band’s debut release on Epitaph Records, who they stuck a deal with last month. With driven, raucous guitars and anthemic “Oh!”s, this track will have you ready to thrash around in your living room. Lyrically, “Oh!” is about feeling like you’re always doing everything wrong. The Linda Lindas sing punchy lines like, “When I say something/ I wish I had shut up./ And when I try to help/ I always mess it up.”

Listen to “Oh!” below.


About The Linda Lindas

Recently, The Linda Lindas made their television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The vivacious group of young women performed their high-intensity hit single “Racist, Sexist Boy” with tenacious flair. Before their performance, they spoke with Kimmel. They told him that the song was about a real encounter they had with a racist boy at school.

“The backstory is that a boy from school told me that his dad told him to stay away from Chinese people and I told him that I was Chinese and he backed away from me,” they explain.

In December 2020, The Linda Lindas shared their self-titled debut EP on Bandcamp.

“There’s a Japanese indie film called Linda Linda Linda,” the band explain of their name. “And in it there are high school girls who cover the song ‘Linda Linda’ by The Blue Hearts. So we’re kind of named after both of those.”
Lead photo courtesy of Alice Baxley.

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