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Through The Fires on Your First Listen
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It’s time for Your First Listen, where we show you songs you need to discover this week!

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Online, we expand the list with a couple more tunes. This week, we’ve gotten some amazing fresh cuts from Angel Olsen, Interpol, Florence + The Machine, and an unlikely collaboration between Tame Impala and Diana Ross.

Check out 15 songs you need to discover this week below.

Angel Olsen – “Through The Fires”

Angel Olsen has shared a moving new ballad, “Through The Fires.” The track comes from her forthcoming album, Big Time, out June 3rd via Jagjaguwar. This new preview, “Through The Fires,” serves as the “centerpiece” for the record. The emotional, resilient track sees Olsen seeking her true self. Alongside the track, Olsen shared a lyric video, shot by Angela Ricciardi. “‘Through The Fires’ is the centerpiece statement of this record,” Olsen explains. “It’s a song I wrote to remind myself that this life is temporary, the past is not something to dwell on, that it’s important to keep moving, keep searching for the people that are also searching, and to notice the moments that are lighter and bigger than whatever trouble I’ve encountered.”


Diana Ross, Tame Impala – “Turn Up The Sunshine”

Diana Ross and Tame Impala have teamed up on a new collaborative track called “Turn Up The Sunshine.” The song comes from the soundtrack for Minions: The Rise of Gru, which has a pretty stacked lineup of stars covering songs from the ’70s. “Turn Up The Sunshine” is the only new tune on the album, co-written by Jack Antonoff, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, singer Sam Dew, and Swedish musician and producer Patrik Berger. The sunny, dance-worthy song opens up with young voices repeating the phrase “Turn Up The Sunshine” before Ross chimes in on lead vocals. On the track, Tame Impala channel their signature psychedelic sound, accompanying Ross’ punchy vocal lines just perfectly.

Interpol – “Fables”

Interpol have shared their breezy new single, “Fables.” The track comes from their forthcoming album, The Other Side of Make-Believe, out July 15th via Matador. “Fables” opens with dark, brooding melodies and vocals until explodes into a warmer chorus and deep groove. “‘Fables’ features one of Daniel’s hottest licks,” frontman Paul Banks explains. “A breezy vocal with optimistic lyrics and a bouncy drum beat evocative of classic R&N with a nod to the golden age of hip hop. It’s a summer jam and a piece of music we are particularly proud of.”

Florence + The Machine – “Search and Destroy (The Stooges cover)”

Florence + The Machine have shared a new cover of The Stooges’ “Search and Destroy.” Just last week, Florence + The Machine shared their new album, Dance Fever, and now they’re back with a deluxe edition of the album. The new deluxe edition features acoustic versions of four songs from the album alongside today’s acoustic cover of “Search and Destroy.” Even as an acoustic track, Florence + The Machine stays true to the high energy original. Letting her cinematic, grand vocal lines take the lead, this cover is definitely a must-listen for fans of The Stooges.

Rina Sawayama – “This Hell”

Rina Sawayama has shared a new single, “This Hell.” The track serves as the lead single to her forthcoming sophomore album, Hold the Girl. “This Hell” opens with a nod to Shania Twain, as Sawayama says “Let’s go girls,” before launching into a unique blend of country glam rock. Lyrically, Sawayama sings of the negative impact of the media on the lives of stars like Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, and Princess Diana. “I had so much fun writing ‘This Hell,’” Sawayama explains. “The past couple of years I’ve been listening to lots of female country singers and wanted to write a euphoric and tongue-in-cheek country-pop song. Country music at its core to me represents comfort, brilliant storytelling and authentic expression of the writer’s reality. I’ve been dreaming of working with Paul Epworth my entire career so I knew it was meant to be when we finished this song in a day. I put in as many iconic pop culture moments as I can, but the song is more than that.”

Metric – “Doomscroller”

Metric have shared a huge, sweeping 10-minute track, “Doomscroller.” The song serves as the opener to their highly anticipated forthcoming album, Formentera, out July 8th. The preview is a sonic and visual journey that sends you into a “high speed chase through the wild terrain of modern life,” Metric explain. The accompanying video for the track is part of Metric’s ongoing collaboration with photographer and visual artist Justin Broadbent. “Justin captured rare studio footage of the recording of ‘Doomscroller’ and we used it like a visual anchor, as evocative places outside the room keep creeping in,” Metric frontwoman Emily Haines explains. “These traces of life on earth that appear and disappear throughout the song subtly mirror the shifting moods of the music.”

Sylvan Esso – “Sunburn”

Sylvan Esso have surprise released a new single called “Sunburn.” The cathartic pop anthem serves as Sylvan Esso’s first release since their 2020 album, Free Love. It’s a pulsing, synth-driven tune with Sylvan Esso’s signature gritty, warping vocal lines. The track is all about feeling delight to the point of discomfort, or the pain that comes from too much of something good.

Kiwi Jr – “Night Vision”

Toronto indie-rockers Kiwi Jr have shared a video for their new single, “Night Vision.” The track comes from their freshly announced album, Chopper, out August 12th via Sub Pop. On Chopper, Kiwi Jr are set to take on a darker sound than on their other two albums. You can really hear that on the new post-punk anthem, “Night Vision.” Frontman Jeremy Gaudet says the track sets the tone for the album. Directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick, the accompanying video follows a man making his way through the streets of Vancouver before running into Kiwi Jr.

Art d’Ecco – “Midlife Crisis”

Art-rocker Art d’Ecco has shared a video for his new single, “Midlife Crisis.” The track comes from Art d’Ecco’s forthcoming album, After The Head Rush, out June 24th via Paper Bag Records. Today’s preview is a shimmering, synth-driven anthem that’s sure to get you dancing along to the track. The accompanying fun-loving clip for “Midlife Crisis” follows d’Ecco beneath a spotlight as he sings along to the track in a dress shirt and tie. “Me at 37/38 years old. I’m so pathetic I can’t even start my midlife crisis,” Art d’Ecco explains. “It is so absolutely pathetic, it makes me laugh.”

Soccer Mommy – “Bones”

Soccer Mommy has returned with a video for her new single, “Bones.” The track comes from her forthcoming full-length album, Sometimes, Forever, out June 24th via Loma Vista Recordings. “Bones” was originally written for a rom com, but Soccer Mommy decided not to submit it for the film and to keep it for the album instead. The track revolves around 90s-grunge sounds as Soccer Mommy sings of wanting to change in a relationship. “‘Bones’ is a song about struggling with the parts of yourself that you don’t like in a relationship,” Sophie Allison explains. “It’s about wanting to become better for someone and feeling like you’re standing in your own way.”


Arcade Fire – “Unconditional I (Lookout Kid)”

Arcade Fire have shared a new tune, “Unconditional I (Lookout Kid).” The new track comes from their forthcoming album, WE, out May 6th via Columbia. “Unconditional I (Lookout Kid)” is an anthemic, uplifting tune, all about encouraging you to keep pushing forward through tough times. “So I was really just sort of thinking about my son and the world that he’s facing and how like, I was a very, very, very depressed kid, particularly in high school,” Win Butler tells Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. “I mean, in a lot of my life in general, I think that music is like my medicine in a lot of ways. But I was trying to imagine the way that I’m wired just chemically and the s**t that I’ve dealt with in my life, having to deal with that now in this era of like … and not to mention now, but like 10 years from now, whenever the f**k he’s going to be dealing with it. And it was just like, ‘Man, he’s going to need to have the thick skin and to just really be able to take a hit and have some just fortitude.’ And I don’t know, I was just sort of thinking about that and just trying to sing to him in the future or to his kids even.”

Bishop Briggs – “High Water”

Bishop Briggs recently returned with the release of her new single, “High Water.” “High Water” was written about Briggs’ sister, who was battling against the ovarian cancer that she eventually passed away from. “I still can only count on one hand, the songs that I’ve written about my sister,” Briggs says, according to Paper. “That was something that’s been really painful to do. On some days, even just writing lyrics or going into a session can be extremely difficult. And then other days where I just feel like she’s here with me.”

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – “I’m On Your Side”

Nathaniel Rateliff’s “I’m On Your Side” is a standout tune from his most recent album, The Future. The Future was recorded in frontman Nathaniel Rateliff’s Colorado studio where they wanted to shed light on diverse observations and reflect on the current times. In a press statement Rateliff revealed:

“I look at the album overall as a big question. When I was writing the record we were in the middle of a pandemic and our future looked pretty bleak. I just continue to try to write from a place of hope. Then my own neurosis, and maybe being a libra gets in the way, and I can’t make up my mind. There is this constant back and forth battle in me personally and I am sure that comes out in my writing.”

Destroyer – “It Takes A Thief”

Destroyer’s LABYRINTHITIS standout “It Takes A Thief” is definitely a must-listen. The new Destroyer album sees Bejar exploring some uncharted sonic territory. The mystic, intoxicating album opens up with the question, “Do you remember the mythic beast?” on “Tintoretto, It’s For You.” From then on, Bejar weaves peculiar images and perplexing allusions throughout LABYRINTHITIS. You can really hear that on “It Takes A Thief”

Jack Johnson – “One Step Ahead”

Jack Johnson is back with a new song, “One Step Ahead.” The track comes alongside the announcement of Meet The Moonlight, out June 24th via Brushfire/Republic Records. Johnson has made the album alongside Blake Mills. “When Blake and I first got in touch we’d send each other playlists, and over time we realized we were drawn to music that sounds effortless despite all the effort put into making it,” Johnson explains. “After a while we got a language together and I gained a trust in him that allowed me to let go, push outside my comfort zone, and get to a sound I really loved.”

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