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Your First Listen: 15 songs you need to discover this week

It’s time for Your First Listen, where we show you songs you need to discover this week!

Each week we feature five remarkable songs that you need to hear on Your First Listen on air. In case you miss them on air, you can catch up on the weekly tracks right here. Your First Listen airs Monday to Friday during the following times: 1:50pm / 6:50pm / 8:50pm.

Online, we expand the list with a couple more tunes. This week, we’ve gotten some amazing fresh cuts from Angel Olsen, Liam Gallagher, and a collaboration between Flume and Caroline Polachek.

Check out 15 songs you need to discover this week below.

Angel Olsen – “All The Good Times”

Angel Olsen has returned with a video for her new single, “All The Good Times.” The track comes alongside the announcement of her new album, Big Time, out June 3rd via Jagjaguwar. “All The Good Times” sees Olsen leaning into a country twang, with plucked guitar lines and driven percussion. Throughout the track, Olsen offers up some droning country vocals, delivering lines like, “I’ll be long gone/ Thanks for the songs/ Guess it’s time to wake up from this trip we’ve been on.” Directed by Kimberly Stuckwisch, the accompanying video stars Olsen alongside her partner.

Liam Gallagher – “C’Mon You Know”

Liam Gallagher has shared the title track to his forthcoming album, C’Mon You Know, out May 27th. Today’s release is a summery glam rock anthem. With gritty vocal lines, pulsing guitars, and gospel background vocals, the shimmering track is sure to be a song of the summer. Lyrically, Liam Gallagher delivers lines like, “Show love/ I’m sick of acting like I’m tough/ Come on baby gives a hug/ C’mon you know.”

Flume, Caroline Polachek – “Sirens”

Flume has teamed up with Caroline Polachek on his ethereal new single, “Sirens.” The track comes from the Australian producer’s forthcoming album, Palaces, out May 20th via Future Classic and Transgressive. “Sirens” is a perfect preview of the album, as Flume delivers future-pop instrumentals and Polachek delivers her quintessential whimsical vocal lines. Created with Danny L Harle, the track’s production is pretty outstanding, and offers a new dimension to Polachek’s dreamy voice.

CANONS – “Tunnel Of You”

CANONS’ “Tunnel Of You” comes from their recently released third studio album, Fever Dream. Frontwoman Michelle Joy calls the track her favourite song on the album. “Fever Dream represents everything CANNONS is,” Joy explains. “There are some lonely songs, some longing songs, and some love songs. Over the last couple of years, writing lifted our spirits and provided a medium to escape reality. These songs kept us going, so I hope people will find a piece of themselves inside of the record. I’ve realized how important it is to feel connected to others and hope this album helps everyone feel a little less alone.”

Japanese Breakfast – “Skinny Love (Bon Iver cover)”

Japanese Breakfast has covered Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” and re-recorded her Jubilee standout “Be Sweet” for Spotify Singles. Currently Spotify is running a special installment of their Spotify Singles series, where Grammy nominees for Best New Artist cover a previously nominated artist in the category. Today, Japanese Breakfast have offered up a folky rendition of Bon Iver’s stripped back hit, “Skinny Love.” With layers of dramatic strings, Japanese Breakfast add an orchestral, folk-rock flare to the tune. “We decided to record Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” because it felt like a very surprising cover for Japanese Breakfast,” frontperson Michelle Zauner explains. “It’s so moving and sparse. We felt we could add some interesting instrumentation to the track and celebrate our fellow labelmate Bon Iver.”

Violet Night – “(If) You Are The Ocean (Then) I Would Like To Drown”

Violet Night’s bass-heavy tune “(If) You Are The Ocean (Then) I Would Like To Drown” is definitely a must listen. “‘Ocean’ is a song about diving headfirst off the deep end into a romantic situation you haven’t fully considered the potential outcomes of,” vocalist Connor Pohl explains. “Sometimes people get wrapped up in the idea of who they think someone is, or who they want them to be, for better or worse.”

Toro y Moi – “Déjà Vu”

Toro y Moi has shared a surreal video for his new single, “Déjà Vu.” The track comes from Toro y Moi’s forthcoming album, Mahal, out April 29th via Dead Oceans. On “Déjà Vu,” you can really hear Toro y Moi channeling a subtle, yet crisp psychedelic funk sound. With dreamy, wailing guitar riffs and a catchy bass groove. Directed by Justin Morris, the accompanying video sees Toro y Moi stepping into a magical limousine.

Mt. Joy – “Lemon Tree”

Mt. Joy’s new single “Lemon Tree” was written during and inspired by COVID-19. “‘Lemon Tree’ is a song that Sam (Cooper) and I wrote deep in the pandemic,” lead singer and guitarist Matt Quinn tells NPR’s World Cafe. “The lyrics are about leaning into positive energy and accepting what you can’t change, which, I think, was a theme that came out a lot subconsciously in the midst of having shows get shut down.”

Arlo Parks – “You’re The One (Kaytranada, Syd cover)”

Arlo Parks has taken part in the Spotify Singles series, where she’s reimagined her own track “Softly” and covered Kaytranada’s Syd collaboration, “You’re The One.” Parks offers up her own take on “You’re The One.” Parks’ rendition of the tune is a smooth, percussion heavy instrumental with her silky falsettos taking the lead. “Why it was such a joy to record my Spotify Singles session in the studio, I felt somehow part of the legend,” Arlo Parks explains. “Syd’s voice in ‘You’re The One’ always had this effortless beauty to it in my eyes and I wanted to cover it to expose the romance and yearning behind the lyrics. It was an honour to be able to sing my new song ‘Softly’ too, to highlight the beginning of a new and beautiful chapter in my career and celebrate being nominated for Best New Artist.”

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “Magenta Mountain”

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have shared a video for their new single “Magenta Mountain.” The track comes from their upcoming double album, Omnium Gatherum, out April 22nd. Today’s release embodies a neon pop sound, with catchy synth riffs, dreamy guitars, and processed vocals. Directed by John Angus Stewart, the accompanying video sees King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard performing on stage to a huge crowd in a tent. “You know when you have a really weird vivid dream and it sticks with you like glue? One day I came into the studio and Stu was trying to write one of them down,” bandmember Ambrose Kenny-Smith explains. “He kept banging on about this paradise called Magenta Mountain that he had seen but none of us believed him. Every day since then he’s been still trying to convince us all that it’s real and one day he will.”

Mondo Cozmo – “Electrify My Love”

Mondo Cozmo’s new single “Electrify My Love” comes from his new album, This Is For The Barbarians, out April 8th via Last Gang Records. The gritty electronic tune features a choir of background vocals and bright melodies. “‘Electrify My Love’ was the last song to make the record but it was specifically written to be the first song on the album,” Josh Ostrander explains. “We wanted the long musical intro to have a calming effect and the opening lyrics to be of comfort. ‘Good evening everyone, I hope this finds you well.'”

Glass Animals – “Solar Power (Lorde cover)”

Glass Animals have covered Lorde’s “Solar Power” and rerecorded their own track, “I Don’t Want to Talk (I Just Want to Dance)” for Spotify Singles. On the cover, the band adds a stomping beat to the blissful tune. “I chose ‘Solar Power’ because in a time when we were all stuck indoors a bit – this song made me feel like I was on a beach….we all needed a bit of that,” frontman Dave Bayley says. “It’s a stunning song and then I just had a version of it in my head where it was faster with a gospel choir behind it….so….we made it!”

Jasmyn – “Edge of Time”

Former Weaves frontperson Jasmyn Burke has shared a video for her new single as Jasmyn, “Edge of Time.” The track comes alongside the announcement of her debut solo album, In the Wild, out June 3rd via Royal Mountain Records/ANTI-. The new release is a warping, gritty alt-pop anthem. Jasmyn’s captivating vocals take the lead on “Edge of Time,” atop gritty guitars and driven percussion. Directed by Iris Kim, the accompanying video sees Jasmyn being controlled by blue ropes as she performs along to the tune. “For me, this song is about walking through one’s fears in hopes of experiencing a new way of being and seeing the world,” Jasmyn explains of “Edge of Time.” “It’s the push and pull dynamic of changing and evolving, and how we sometimes can feel sorrow when shedding the old version of ourselves.”

Lenny Bull – “Mother Lover”

Toronto artist Lenny Bull has shared a video for her new pop-rock single, “Mother Lover.” Today’s release serves as the follow-up to Lenny Bull’s 2019 EP, Sharp Teeth, and her recent single “Elevator.” “Mother Lover” was primarily recorded live-off-the-floor, and it really captures Lenny Bull’s powerhouse live sound. With gritty surf rock guitars and retro vocals, the track is definitely a must-listen. Directed by Brjánn Batista Bettencourt (3B Photography), the accompanying video was performed live at Toronto’s B Space.

Mountain Head – “Backseat”

Mountain Head’s title track to their recent EP Backseat is definitely a must-listen. The new track is all about longing for order amongst the chaotic times we find ourselves in. With groovy guitars and a rock sensibility, you’ll find yourself bopping to this track again and again.
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