Your First Listen: Field Trip Edition (Week of June 1)

5 remarkable tracks you need to hear from My Morning Jacket, Purity Ring, Temples, Young Empires and Father John Misty

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The Right Sound for the Right Price

My Morning Jacket – “Big Decisions” (Sunday)

My Morning Jacket is known for putting on memorable performances – once even playing a four hour set at Bonnaroo. They probably won’t play for that long when they close out Field Trip on Sunday night, but you’ll wanna be there to see what surprises they have up their sleeve. Their latest album, The Waterfall, is out now.

Purity Ring – “Body Ache” (Saturday)

One of the most beautiful live stage shows you’ve ever seen is happening on the Saturday of Field Trip Festival. Purity Ring serves up a feast for your senses – they play on a giant, musical light instrument they designed themselves. But, its not just mindblowing, it’ll touch your heart too – frontwoman Megan James admits that she even gets emotional on stage sometimes, singing her very personal lyrics.

Temples – “Shelter Song” (Sunday)

Temples are coming a long way to play for you on the Sunday of Field Trip – all the way from Kettering, England – and they count some pretty big stars among their fans, like Johnny Marr and Noel Gallager. Ever heard of ‘em? Noel Gallagher has also been vocally angry (surprise) that they haven’t received much mainstream radio play in England, but hey, they’re getting some right here in Canada right now!

Young Empires – “So Cruel” (Saturday)

Young Empires are a Toronto band that hit it big a while back with their tune “White Doves” – but did you know they haven’t even released their debut album yet? It’s coming this year, but you’ll get a preview when they represent the home team at Field Trip this weekend on Saturday.

Father John Misty – “True Affection” (Sunday)

One of the stand out performances of Coachella, Father John Misty will be one of the can’t miss events of Field Trip Festival this Sunday. His live show is explosive, emotional and, well, kind of a religious experience. Make sense, given his name.