Your First Listen: Week of April 2nd

5 Remarkable Songs You Need to Hear!

Each week we feature five remarkable songs that you need to hear on Your First Listen. In case you miss them on air, you can catch up on the weekly tracks right here.

Your First Listen airs weekdays at 12:45 p.m., 5:45 p.m., and 8:45 p.m.

Shakey Graves – Kids These Days

Shakey Graves fulfils all your teen anx dreams, with sweet vocals, a roaring guitar, drums and lyrics you can’t help but sing along to! Shakey Graves is performing live May 19th at Massey Hall

Side Hustle – Gone

Local group Side Hustle got thier start when songwriters Pete Casey and Chloë Doucet bonded over their love of 60s pop song production. Since then, they’ve been making the rounds at the Dakota and Cameron House getting you prepped for their debut which isn’t out until October. Here’s another one to tide you over, and be sure to check them out April 9th at the Burdock!


Flights and Facilities ft. Nika – Need You

Aussie production duo Flight Facilities are back with another track to make you dance all while kinda breaking your heart (and interesting combo, really.) They’ll be back in Toronto at the Phoenix on the June 8th, FYI! Get ready to heartbreakdance!

Stars – Ship to Shore

Beloved Canadian indie rockers Stars have shared a brand new track, all while announcing some new tour dates complete with a special message for you on Twitter: “close your laptop, turn off your phone” and to “spare yourself another 12 hours of binge watching that show you don’t even like any more.”

AJR – Burn The House Down

AJR is an American indie pop band composed of multi-instrumentalist brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met are brothers, multi-instrumentalists and also their first initials are why their band is called AJR. They got a lot of love collaborating with Rivers Cuomo on “Sober Up” but here’s another new one to check out before you see them live and sing along May 9th at the Mod Club!

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Image courtesy Side Hustle