Your First Listen: Week of August 15

New sounds from Jack White, Young The Giant, Warpaint and more.

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The Right Sound for the Right Price

Jack White – “City Lights”

Jack White might be the most prolific rock star going right now. He is always up to something. He was just the first person to play a vinyl record in space. Now he’s putting out a new compilation called Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 and it includes an unreleased song from the White Striped called “City Lights.”

Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam – “A 1000 Times”

Hamilton Leithauser of the Walkmen has teamed up with Rostam from Vampire Weekend for a collaborative album that’ll be out next month – and to get you started they’ve dropped a new track called “A 1000 TIMES.” It’s a slow builder starring Hamilton’s unique and heartbreaking screaming singing wail. Check it out in their new music video which stars BOTH of their dads.

Warpaint – “New Song”

LA band Warpaint took a break after touring last summer to work on solo projects but they’ve returned for an extended world tour for their upcoming album Heads Up (2016). You’ll have a chance to dance to this one when they launch an attack on the Danforth Music hall here in Toronto in November. Be sure to catch their new album when it’s released on September 23rd.

Judah & The Lion – “Take It All Back”

More from from musical hotbed Nashville, Tennessee, Junah & The Lion is Judah Akers and three friends who all met at school together. Their eclectic sound can be attributed to their backgrounds and hometowns which are located all through out the States. Their music mixes gospel, country, straight up rocK and golden oldies to create something all new. Makes sense they’d name their album Folk Hop & Roll (2016).

Young The Giant – “Silver Tongue”

Last Friday, Young The Giant dropped their third album, Home of the Strange (2016). It’s a play on the phrase “home of the brave” from America of course, which where they’re based. However they are all either immigrants themselves or from immigrant families, and a lot of it deals with that journey. It addresses finding a home in a new, strange place and it also has some straight up fun jams that you can dance to.

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