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Your First Listen: Week of July 20

Each week we feature five remarkable songs you need to hear on Your First Listen. In case you miss them on air, you can catch up on the weekly tracks right here. Your First Listen airs weekdays at 12:45pm, 5:45pm, and 8:45pm.

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The Right Sound for the Right Price

Chvrches – “Leave a Trace”

Scottish band Chvrches catapulted to fame back in 2013 when they became a viral sensation. Now, they’re following it up with their sophomore album Every Open Eye and the first single is one for those relationships that you just have to leave behind. Frontwoman Lauren Maybarry says “It’s a middle finger mic-drop…It’s about that point where you’re like, ‘there’s no point in having this conversation anyways…There will be no resolve, I won’t feel better about it, you won’t feel better about it, no outcome from this will actually change my reality.”

Mac DeMarco – “I’ve Been Waiting For Her”

On the first week of August you’ll get a new mini-album from Mac DeMarco called Another One. If you’re not into Mac yet…this is your chance to start. He’s a Canadian artist making big waves everywhere, and he makes perfect summer music. It’s the sound of being chilled out.

FIDLAR – “West Coast”

Okay, are you ready to have some fun? L.A. band FIDLAR are back with their second album Too in September, and if you heard their first record, you might think they’ve got something heavy in store. The band is actually taking a bit of a poppier route this time around. Why are they doing something different? In their words: “We could have made record number one again, but instead we decided to challenge ourselves and admit that we don’t know everything.”

The result is this: “West Coast” from FIDLAR on Your First Listen.

Cayucas – “Moony Eyed Walrus”

Do you remember Cayucas? From their huge hit “High School Lover”? Well…they’re back! Their new album Dancing At The Blue Lagoon is out now, just in time for summer!

This tune has a bit of a Beck flavour that their last one had but it’s not quite as smooth as before, in fact it almost has a spoken-word vibe to it. If you were ever a fan of the band The Unicorns, you might like this one.

Halsey – “New Americana”

You’re about to hear what happens when you put Lorde, Tov Lo and Fun. into that machine from the movie “The Fly.” The new jersey artist Halsey has been building steam online since she started releasing music on YouTube three years ago. She’s currently touring with Imagine Dragons and her new album Badlands will arrive in August. Is she the next big thing?

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