Your First Listen: Week of July 25

New Sounds From Brand New, Whitney, Naked & Famous, The Arkells and The Lumineers.

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The Right Sound for the Right Price

The Lumineers – “Cleopatra”

Get the tissues ready – The Lumineers frontman Wesley says that this song made him cry in the studio so much he had to stop the take. He says: “It’s inspired by a true story about a female taxi driver who, when she was younger, was proposed to. But her father had just passed away, so she didn’t give her boyfriend an answer. So he left the village broken-hearted and rejected and never returned again. He was her great love and she wouldn’t wash the footprints off the floor after he had left.” Oh man. Brace yourself for feels.

The Arkells – “A Little Rain”

The Arkells new album Morning Report (2016) drops in August – and you already heard them messing around with some new sounds on their first single, “Private School” but this one feels a little more like The Arkells you know and love.

The Naked and Famous – “Higher”

New Zealand’s The Naked and Famous are dropping a new album in October called Simple Forms (2016) and they just announced a tour. You’ll be able to see them here in Toronto in November at Danforth Music Hall. They’re one of those bands that knows exactly what their fans want and you can see that on this track. Take a listen for yourself.

Whitney – “No Matter Where We Go”

If you remember the band Smith Westerns, this may interest you. After that band broke up, two of the members started a new group called Whitney. Their debut, called Light Upon The Lake (2016) dropped in June and it’s got those perfect summer vibes. This is park chillin’, bike riding and windows rolled down music.

Brand New – “I Am A Nightmare”

For 16 years, Brand New has led a base of Diehard fans and those fans have been waiting patiently for the last 5 years for a new studio album from the band. FINALLY. It’s coming. Probably. There’s at least, this new single. So that’s a good sign.

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