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Your First Listen (Week of March 2)

Each week we feature five remarkable songs you need to hear on Your First Listen. In case you miss them on air, you can catch up on the weekly tracks right here. Your First Listen airs weekdays at 12:45pm, 5:45pm, and 8:45pm.

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Death Cab For Cutie – “No Room In Frame”

March 31st! That’s the day you can finally hear Death Cab For Cutie’s new album, Kintsugi. Yes, it feels like a long way off right now, but they’ve released a couple of songs to tide you over. You’ve heard the first single “Black Sun”, and this is song number two, called “No Room In Frame.” Death Cab is playing a sold out show May 7th here in Toronto.

Purity Ring – “Push Pull”

Electronic indie act Purity Ring’s 2012 debut Shrines made critics and music fans fall in love with them. It was shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize, and you haven’t heard too much from them since…UNTIL NOW! Their sophomore album Another Eternity finally comes out this week and here is the first single right here, “Push Pull.”

Father John Misty – “Chateau Lobby #4 (In C for two virgins)”

Father John Misty, also known as Josh Tillman of Fleet Foxes, released his second album I Love You, Honeybear in February-and where his first album, Fear Fun was a rambling journey of self-discovery, this record is a love letter to his new wife. The influence is unmissable in this song, a sweeping, mariachi influenced account of falling in love with his wife, so beautiful.

Nate Ruess – “Nothing Without Love”

Early in February, the band FUN. posted a letter on their website telling fans that the band wasn’t working on anything new, and every member was going off to do their own solo project. If you know this artist as the lead singer of FUN. you’ll recognize the voice right away. His name is Nate Ruess, this song is called “Nothing Without Love”.

Flight Facilities ft. Giselle – “Crave You”

Do you want to chill out? Do you want to dance? WHY NOT BOTH! With this one from Australian producers Flight Facilities, you can have it all. Flight Facilities started putting together remixes back in 2009 – before they started coming up with their own original stuff. They make the beats and the music while feature artists do the vocals.

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