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Your First Listen: Week of May 1st

Each week we feature five remarkable songs you need to hear on Your First Listen. In case you miss them on air, you can catch up on the weekly tracks right here.

Phoenix – “J Boy”

Phoenix’s new record Ti Amo is coming June 9th, and is the first new album since 2013’s Bankrupt!. Right after they headline Field Trip! So to get you prepped to sing along, here’s their latest “J-Boy.”

Hot Kid – “Caught in the Light”

Lo-if vocals crunchy guitar riffs – sounds like New York’s lower east side in the early 2000s, but its actually the sound of 2017 in Toronto, courtesy of these locals.

Japandroids – “North East South West”

Vancouver duo Japandroids are great at a lot of things, especially chant-along anthems. Not sure if this one was written on one of those long prairie drives during a Canadian tour, but there sure are a lot of patriotic shout outs.

Grandson – “Bury Me Face Down”

A lot of local acts seem to be splitting their time between Toronto and LA, add Grandson to the list. He was Born in Englewood, New Jersey, grew up in Toronto – but really honed his music skills while in Montreal for school balancing time between cleaning tables and DJing at nightclubs. Now he’s getting a lot of attention on both sides of the border.

Foster the People – “Doing it for the Money”

Foster the People are releasing their first new album in about three years and are one of the latest editions to The WayHome lineup. They say they wrote these songs to reflect joy in a time where people have needed it more than ever. Here their latest “Doing it for the Money.”

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