Your First Listen: Week of May 22nd

Five remarkable songs you need to hear

Each week we feature five remarkable songs you need to hear on Your First Listen. In case you miss them on air, you can catch up on the weekly tracks right here.

Fleet Foxes – “Fool’s Errand”

Fleet Foxes is finally releasing a new record, their first new music since 2011’s Helplessness Blues. You have to wait until June 16th to get it, called Crack-Up. Apparently the title was inspired by a F Scott Fitzgerald essay of the same name.

Grizzly Bear – “Mourning Sound”

The great indie rockers Grizzly Bear haven’t toured in four years, spending most of that time working on their new record, Painted Ruins, which will be out in mid-August. They said they were trying out some new sonic ideas and the result is what Rolling Stone had called a little U2-esque. Do you agree?

Superet – “Pay It Later”

Superet are still mysterious, but the LA band started getting a lot of attention when announced as the openers for the No Doubt/ AFI side project Dreamcar.

Land of Talk – “This Time”

Land of Talk had a rise to success with a great wave of indie Montreal artists in the mid-2000s and it seemed just as the ball was rolling Elizabeth Powell decided to quit music. After going silent for years Land of Talk is back with the new record Life After Youth, and Lizzy’s unique sound right back in your ears.

Muse – “Dig Down”

Your Osheaga Headliners Muse will have some new tracks to play for you at the show, including this one. Frontman Matt Bellamy said when he was writing this song, he was looking to counteract the current negativity in the world and give inspiration, optimism and hope to people to fight for the causes they believe in. Let’s get inspired Muse’s “Dig Down”.