Your First Listen: Week of Nov. 2

5 remarkable tracks you need to hear

Each week we feature five remarkable songs you need to hear on Your First Listen. In case you miss them on air, you can catch up on the weekly tracks right here. Your First Listen airs weekdays at 12:45pm, 5:45pm, and 8:45pm.

Cage The Elephant – “Mess Around”

A band that needs no introduction – Kentucky’s Cage the Elephant have two years since their last record, Melophobia, and on December 18th they’re back with their new LP, Tell Me I’m Pretty. If this sounds kind of familiar, you might not be surprised to learn that Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach produced the record.

Majical Cloudz – “Downtown”

Majical Cloudz is the brainchild of Canadian artists Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto. And aside from working with Grimes and touring with Lorde (as well as having their last album shortlisted for a Polaris Prize) they also create some of the most beautiful, haunting, emotionally resonant music coming out of the country right now. The first time I heard this song, I was walking down the street by myself, and it MADE ME CRY ACTUAL TEARS. There’s something SO powerful about it.

Weezer – “Thank God For Girls”

Weezer is weird, and never has that been clearer than in this new track. The lyrics go quick but try to listen to ‘em… you’ll catch references to anti-septic ointments, sweaty overalls AND cannolis. No word on a new album yet but the band has said “more to come very soon!”

Grimes – “Fresh Without Blood”

FINALLY Grimes is back! It’s been three long years since the innovative Montreal artist put out a full length album, and the wait is over this week when she drops Art Angels. You can see her at the Danforth Music Hall on the 22nd – but get into this one first. It sounds like an explosion of neon colours; like you’re listening to a hyperactive anime cartoon.

Beach House – “Space Song”

Baltimore band Beach House have been weaving together dream pop for more than 10 years and six full length albums. They released two of those albums just this year called Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars This one’s from Depression Cherry and you may find yourself thinking of the Flaming Lips, and you will DEFINITELY find yourself swaying along.