Your First Listen: Week of September 13th

Dear Rouge on Your First Listen

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Dear Rouge – “Fake Fame”

Beloved Vancouver alt-rock duo Dear Rouge are back with a new single called “Fake Fame.” “Fake Fame” marks Dear Rouge’s first new music in three years. On the new track, the band calls out socialite influences on social media. Throughout the anthemic tune, Danielle McTaggart wails lines like, “I don’t want your fake fame!” “Stardom is alluring and fascinating,” McTaggart explains. “It can also be toxic, destructive, and entrapping. Just before writing this song, I actually deleted all social media from my phone. It felt like a small act of rebellion against the anxiety and pressure I felt. In our digital age where anyone can blow up overnight, or one can buy followers and validation, what does notability mean? ‘Fake Fame’ is our attempt to answer this question. It examines our addiction to technology, social media culture, fast fashion, and the tension between desiring and despising fame.”

Yukon Blonde – “Your Heart’s My Home”

Indie rockers Yukon Blonde recently released their single, “Your Heart’s My Home.” “Your Heart’s My Home” comes from the forthcoming deluxe version of their new album, Vindicator. The deluxe edition comes out on September 22nd and features remixes and b-sides from the album. “James (Younger) brought this jangly, throw-back tune to the table, complete with a brilliant hook and fleshed-out melody, and the tagline ‘Your Heart’s My Home,” vocalist and keyboardist Rebecca Gray explained upon the track’s release. “We were all feeling really good about how we were jamming it that we started recording beds almost instantly. Over the course of the next few days, it turned in to a darkly-sweet sort of mantra on lost love, and how to rebuild yourself afterwards. I’m better now, I’ve levelled up, but I wish you were still thinking about me like I think about you.” The band also recently performed the track for our recurring Live From Home series.

Glass Animals – “I Don’t Wanna Talk ( Just Wanna Dance)”

Oxford quartet Glass Animals are back with a brand new song “I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)”. The new single marks the eccentric group’s first release since last summer when they shared their third album Dreamland. The infectious track, released alongside a music video, is lively and light-hearted. The accompanying clip is equally as lively, consisting of a variety of bright colours, characters and of course, dancing. Frontman Dave Bayley had this to say about the new track: “Talking is great, don’t get me wrong. But this pandemic has made so many of us look inwards in a way we maybe haven’t before.”

Billy Talent feat. Rivers Cuomo – “The End Of Me”

Billy Talent have officially announced a new album. Crisis of Faith is set to arrive on January 21, 2022 via Warner Music. To accompany the announcement, Toronto’s rockers have shared a new single “End of Me” featuring Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo. “This is a full circle moment for us. We’ve admired and have been fans of Weezer since the Blue Album until now. Before we had a title, this song was originally called ‘Hendrix+Weezer’ so it only felt right to ask Rivers to sing on it. The song encompasses the essence of 90’s alt-rock which was a hugely impactful and influential time for our band. We’re proud of the song and very happy to have Rivers be a part of it.”

Eddie Vedder – “Long Way”

Pearl Jam‘s Eddie Vedder has announced his new solo album, Earthling. As part of the announcement, he’s shared “Long Way” via Seattle Surf/Republic Records. Eddie Vedder created the song with producer Andrew Watt. With shining vocals and emotive instrumentals, “Long Way” is sure to move you. While there’s no release date for Earthling yet, it marks Vedder’s first solo album in a decade.


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