Your Guide to Must-Try Desserts in Toronto

The city's most decadent treats

Ah, dessert. The one meal that most people can agree on. Whether you’re enjoying it after a savoury meal or to kick a sugar craving, there’s nothing like taking that first bite out of a freshly baked slice of pie or a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookie.
If you’re not drooling yet, you will be when you read this list of the most necessary desserts in Toronto.

Decked out Ice Cream Cones at Dutch Dreams

Location: 36 Vaughan Rd

Dutch Dreams is your local Dutch ice creams shop, serving up big menu items like hot fudge sundaes and massive banana splits. Stop by for a classic ice cream cone, glammed up with all your favourite sweet toppings.

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Macarons at Nadège Patisserie

Location: 780 Queen St. W

Nadège Patisserie will make you see macarons in a whole new light. If eating them individually on an aesthetically pleasing tray isn’t bold enough for you, try them draped all over a soft serve cone.

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Cookie dough cones at Junked Food Co.

Location: 507 Queen St. W

Have you ever looked at your ice cream cone and thought “this would be so much better if it were cookie dough?” Well, apparently this is a thing. Junked Food Co. offers cookie dough cones (and cups), which is exactly what it sounds like.

It doesn’t stop at chocolate chip; red velvet, birthday cake, candy crush and reese’s pieces are among some of the other unique flavours offered.

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Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches at Bakerbots Baking

Location: 205 Delaware Ave

Skip the boxed ice cream sandwiches and head straight for the homemade kind. See: ice cream artfully squished between two homemade cookies.


Éclairs at NÜGATEAU

Location: 717 Queen St. W

You haven’t had a true éclair experience until you’ve tried one at Nügateau. This spot specializes exclusively in these cream-stuffed bites of heaven, which means that they come in all sorts of cute designs and mediums. Ever had one on a stick? Well now you can.

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Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich at Bang Bang Ice Cream + Bakery

Location: 93a Ossington Ave

We want all of the birthday cake treats, and this includes Bang Bang’s birthday cake ice cream sandwich, which wedges ice cream of your choice between two birthday cake cookies. Mmmm.

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Chocolate Smothered Apples at The Golden Apple

Location: 171 E Liberty St #142

Liberty Village’s Golden Apple Confectionary offers more than just your typical candy apple. Chocolate covered apples dressed like unicorns or holiday themes make your candy apple experience a hella more adventurous.


Apple Cherry Crumble at Wanda’s Pie in the Sky

Location: 287 Augusta Ave

It’s officially apple season, so dig in to one of Wanda’s many apple pies. If cherries aren’t your thing, there are eight other apple pies to choose from. That’s a lot of pie.

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Visit Paris at The Tempered Room

Location: 1374 Queen St W

The Tempered Room in Parkdale serves up the best in Parisian foods, which includes desserts inspired by the City of Lights.


Crepe Cakes at Millie Creperie

Location: 161 Baldwin St

Millie Creperie’s most unique offering is a crepe cake, which is exactly what it sounds like. Crepes stacked into cake form, for one big super cake.


Cheesecake Shake at Hollywood Cone

Location: 1167 Queen St W

Hollywood Cone serves up milkshakes with all kinds of things stacked on top, like birthday cake, donuts, and cheesecake. User beware, you’ll probably need another person to share this with.

Hollywood Cone Bringing Gourmet Desserts to Toronto

Gimme now.

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Vegan Brownies at Sweet Hart Kitchen

Location: 68 Wales Ave

The kind people at Sweet Hart Kitchen are dedicated to serving Torontonians plant-based, gluten free dessert. I know how that sounds, but we promise you that there treats are absolutely drool-worthy.

Toronto Kitchen Offering All-Natural Treats

Check out Toronto's newest spot for vegan treats

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Location: 145 Queens Quay W

Who says it needs to be winter to enjoy one of these classics? BeaverTails is open year-round and are currently serving Fall-themed tails, including one that basically tastes like a seriously deep-fried apple pie.


Vegan Goodies at Cosmic Treats

Location: 207 Augusta Ave

Cosmic Treats serves up purely vegan desserts, including (but not limited to) cake, pie, donuts, and dessert waffles. Click here for more vegan dessert destinations in Toronto.

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Donuts at Von Doughnuts

Location: 1596 Queen St W

Von Doughnuts will put anything and everything on a donut. This hot dough spot offers different donuts daily, so check their website to see what day of the week has your favourite. If you la-la-love donuts, click here for our list of the best donuts in Toronto.

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