Your Instagrams Could End Up in an NYC Gallery Selling for Big Bucks

An artist is blowing up strangers’ posts and they’re selling for $100K

Controversial artist Richard Prince is making some serious money through his latest exhibit “New Portraits.”

Now located in the Frieze Gallery in New York City, the exhibit features a series of Instagram posts — mostly women, including some celebrities like Kate Moss — blown up to full canvas size. While the idea of people staring at your huge selfie up on a wall may be a little creepy, the real controversy comes from how much they’re selling for: up to $100,000.

Instagram user Doe Deere had her photo sold in the exhibit for $90K, without her permission.

It’s not the first time Prince has faced heat for his adaptations of other peoples’ work — he even went to court for using someone else’s photography in his paintings in 2000 — but he always comes out on top. Apparently, everything he does is perfectly legal.

Would you be okay with your Instagrams in an exhibit, selling for so much cash?